Are you nervous about your next sales call, just because you don’t know much about your prospect? Don’t worry you are not alone, here is an interesting tool that can help us out.


Yes, you heard it right. It’s not the founder’s name. The tool name is Charlie.

How do you get to know about your prospect while preparing for a sales pitch? Google, social media right? Well, that’s conventional and time consuming job as well.

Charlie is a browser-based app that searches your Google or Outlook calendar for meetings. When it finds one, it scans the interweb for a detailed information about the person you’ll be meeting.An hour or so before your meeting, it sends you a clean, one-page summary of everything it found out about the person whose lunch you’re about to buy.

The profile page starts with some pretty basic stuff, like a headshot with current title and place of employment, social media buttons and an array of connected information.

You may know the basics about the person but that might not help you to connect with him/her better you need to know the up-to-date information about them. Charlie’s value goes beyond the basic. The profile you are looking for expounds on their Web-connected life, ranging from LinkedIn connections to Twitter follows to news stories and so on..

Charlie can also come back with news mentions of your contact, articles and breakdowns about their company, and even competitors of their company. In Beta Charlie has a category called “The Skim,” which skims Web feeds for “the biggest stories” mentioning your client or their company.

Each section of information is nicely categorized; examples include, “Summary,” “Key Points,” “Interests & Hobbies” and “Headlines.”
Using and setting up the toll is very simple. Start with an email prompt login, let it know if you use Outlook Calendar or a Google Calendar, and you’re off. Next steps involve connecting your social media accounts and choosing a few preferences.

I would recommend you to select “morning daily update” in the preferences, which will send you a rundown of each appointment that day along with a completed profile of each individual you’ll be meeting. Sharp.

Charlie’s user interface is very clean, almost looking like its own social network. There are no confusing tabs or overly drawn-out sign-up requirements.

For real estate agents who are heavy CRM users, Charlie could be a great friend. Since it lets you run manual profile searches not found on your calendar, search your hottest prospects and enter the pertinent data in your CRM. Now you have a comprehensive summary of them for the next time you call.

A CRM is nothing without its data, and Charlie can fill it for you. When we talk about CRM obviously, it can help with your Marketing Automation setup as well.

Charlie works with companies like Salesforce, Hub spot etc.,. In order to provide the best details we search for. However, there are some flaws which is evident for certain profiles, which I think Charlie will rectify in the due course of time.

Charlie is discriminating. Why only IOS? why not Android? Charlie has an IOS app and a web version to work with. I guess there should be an Android app release in some time and who knows their team might already be in the process of creating one.

Well!! That’s it Guys. Now it’s your turn to go and give an impressive sales pitch and close the sales. Thanks Charlie.

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  • Tauqueer says:

    Sounds like a really cool thing; something that bizdev guys can use right away off-the-shelf. I think this combined with an Account Based Marketing platform like Engagio or Terminus can make a killing. So, you use Charlie to find out as much info about your prospects as possible and use an ABM platform to run highly targeted ads / content-marketing on your prospects and other decision makers in your prospect’s company. Some people might already be doing it. Would you know?

  • Nikita says:

    Charlie looks like a great tool to find prospects. Can you mention about its flaws that is evident with certain profiles? I understand it only functions under iOS, what more?
    Just so that we are aware when we start using it 🙂

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