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Can Digital Analytics Deliver Desired Results?

If you are looking for earth shattering insights from digital analytics, you'll probably be disappointed. Not to say, digital analytics doesn't generate great results - it does but it happens over time by adding up "deltas", making incremental changes that together add up to signficant performance improvements over time. As part of our digital analytics consulting practice, we help you choose the right analytics platforms, customize the implementation for your specific needs and then analyze the data to improve your brand's marketing performance.

Btw, check out, it's a platform that puts wings on your entire marketing ecosystem. It allows you to use your digital intelligence to automate actions on almost all marketing assets...

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Local Maxima or Global Maxima?

The key difference between offline and online marketing is this - offline you buy media and online you buy audience. If you optimize online campaigns the offline way, you'll be optimizing for click-through-rates, open-rates, single-transaction-conversion-rates etc. which essentially allow you to attain local maxima within the window of your observation. When you optimize online marketing from an online marketing POV - you try to attain global maxima by focusing solely on the end results (Customer LifeTime Value or final deal closures) and work backwards from there to optimize the entire customer journey. We use this approach for our clients and generate far superior results.

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